Sam Mangiameli

I Attended the Advanced 2 Day racing school at Skip Barber at Road America in Elk hart lake Wisconsin.

Attended the fast performance racing school.


I have a 2006 Diasio D962R, Has a Mazda Rotary engine, making over 280hp. 

I started racing go karts when I was 7 years old. My home track was Wavelink Raceway Park in Waverly Nebraska. I traveled all throughout the Midwest then also participated in the Pro Kart Tour in 2011 traveling to Illinois, Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, South Dakota, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  I started getting into road course racing with full sized race cars when I was 13. My last year in go karting was 2012, and now I devote all of my time and effort to practicing and racing the Diasio D962R. 


This car has the potential to take me anywhere I want to in the racing world.  The car is sanctioned to race on any road course in the United States. My goals for this car are to progress through the ranks in NASA, ( National Auto Sport Association) and the SCCA ( Sports Car Club of America).  Both of which can take me to my ultimate goal, racing in the Grand Am, American Le Mans series. And one day go on to win the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona, the most prestigious race in sports car racing.

IKF Grand Nationals:
2007 - JRII - 6th Place
2007 - JRII Heavy - Grand National Champion
2008 - Blue Wazoom Heavy- 5th Place
2008 - Blue Wazoom Medium - 3rd Place
2008 - Stock Heavy - 5th Place
2011 – Wazoom- 5th
2011- Wazoom heavy 4th

IKF Midwest Speedway Tour:
2001 - JRI - 4th Place

2000 - Gas Class - 2nd Place

2002 - JRI - Points Champion
2002 - JRI Cornhusker Classic Champion
2003 - JRII - 3rd Place
2004 - JRII - 2nd Place
2005 - JRII - 3rd Place
2006 - JRII - Points Champion
2007 - Blue Wazoom - 3rd Place
2008 - Blue Wazoom - Points Champion



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